Monday, 16 April 2012


Cyber Language is a language of the Net. It is a term not yet recorded in traditional dictionaries and encountered by a majority of people daily in media and regularly in the workplace. 
In our globalization world today, the internet gives us the greater opportunity to communicate to each other through email and chat rooms. The groups of internet users who loves to chat in online chat room have their own cyberspace language which is now entering the linguistic mainstream. Then we have got 2 neologisms which is "emoticons and netcronyms".

Emoticons is a combination of emotion and icon are used to compensate for the inability to convey voice inflections, facial expressions and body gestures in written communication. Some emoticons are better known as smileys. Emoticons can be very effective toward avoiding misinterpretation of the writer's intents. Most emoticons will look like  a face such as eyes, nose and mouth when rotated 90 degree clockwise.  Meanwhile Netcronyms is a combination of net and acronym. It is similar to emoticons. Both are created for the sake of speedy online written communication. America has loomed large in the generation and control of IT and consequently has had an enormous influence on the cyber language.
    Most of the cyber language was created by male. In the world dominated by males, there could be a chance that they would create violence for sexism terms. The terms created:
    • Kill 
    • Abort 
    • Execute 
    • Web Master
    • Hot Metal
    • burn CD
    • Building Firewal

    People love to used smileys in chat because it easy. When we type :), it will change to the smile face. It also cute and as we all know people love to see something cute. The technology nowadays are more advanced and we got a lot of benefits from that. If do not mind, will you share with me the disadvantages that  you got from the technologies nowadays.

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    1. i agreed..but im afraid if sometime the value of words would be distracted..


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